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This website contains biographical and bibliographical information about the Post Office Mauritius stamps and subjects related to them. It is based on my research for the book Blue Mauritius: The Hunt for the World's Most Valuable Stamps.

Museum voor Communicatie, Den Haag

Alternative Names
  • Dutch Museum for Communication
Zeestraat 82, 2518 AD Den Haag, The Netherlands

'The collections of postal security items held by the Foundation The Dutch PTT Museum are among the finest in the world and this top-ranking item [the Mauritius Blue VI] now takes its place in the cultural-historical setting which was, as it were, ready and waiting to receive it…

It is the wish of the Dutch PTT Museum that the public possession of the most famous postage stamp in the world will have a positive effect on stamp collecting in general and on the museological aspects of stamp collecting in particular.'



12 July 1994
Two pence 'Post Office' stamp, unused, purchased by the PTT Museum, The Hague, which later became the Museum voor Communicatie (Dutch Museum for Communication).

Sources used to compile this entry: Boissevain, Charles F. C. G., Post Office in Nederland: Blauwe Mauritius 1847 in het Nederlandse PTT Museum, Stichting Het Nederlandse PTT Museum, Den Haag, 1994.

Prepared by: Helen Morgan




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