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Desbois, Marie (c. 1815 - 1912)

c. 1815
Angouleme, France
Bordeaux, France
Bookseller and Stamp dealer

Marie Desbois was a bookseller based in Bordeaux, with a sideline in stamp dealing by the 1860s. She was the first dealer to handle most of the 'Post Office' stamps found by Madame Borchard, and enjoyed sharing her 'Post Office' stories with the generations of Bordeaux philatelists who visited her little shop. Madame Desbois's name still appeared in the 1902 Bordeaux Annuaire, listed as operating a reading room and a bookshop (selling books old and new), and as dealing in rare stamps. 'One might say', as did one obituarist, 'that a fortune passed through her fingers'.


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