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This website contains biographical and bibliographical information about the Post Office Mauritius stamps and subjects related to them. It is based on my research for the book Blue Mauritius: The Hunt for the World's Most Valuable Stamps.

Journal Note

Walser, Robert
Post Office Mauritius Stamps
Collectors Club Philatelist
vol. 12, no. 1, January 1933, p. 13

Robert Walser of Paris preferred the route of the archives for his stamp hunting. Working on the theory that at least half the known specimens of Post Office stamps were found amongst the records of the firm of Borchard in Bordeaux, and that the most prized of all Post Office items was also found among business records in the archives of Ducau and Lurguie, he approached Monsieur Blondel, the proprietor of the piano firm of Erard. The nineteenth-century inhabitants of Port Louis were known to be great aficionados of the piano, and the Erard brand was noted in contemporary travel narratives on Mauritius. Walser’s idea was good, and he did find twenty-four letters addressed to the Maison Erard from Mauritius in the period 1847-48, but none, unfortunately, were franked with stamps.